Minggu, 21 Maret 2010

Garden Inspiration

Well I guess first picture is really more patio inspiration, but there are greener ones below. I want the garden to have the feel that it's always been there. There can be some modern items in it to make it a little more interesting, but the "bones" should feel as old as the house (about 95 years old). I guess that's my feeling on decor too. I usually want all the fixed items (bathroom fixtures, tile, built in cabinetry, etc.) to look original to the house, but the furniture and other decorative stuff to be more modern.
I want a patio that feels kind of "old world" like the scene in Chocolat where they have the birthday party in Armande's backyard. Simple, natural materials. More stone, brick and wrought iron than modern pavers or wood deck. Doesn't need to have the wisteria like the photo above- I don't need the house being torn down by a plant- but a pergola overhead would be nice.

I'm not actually looking for two gate houses, but I love formal gardens. I think the style I'm looking for is a formal, cottage garden which sounds like an oxymoron. Formal gardens always feel more old fashioned to me, but since our house is just a little bungalow, I don't want the garden to outdress the house, so a little cottage informality around the edges should help soften and tone it down a bit. I'm thinking some geometry, axes and formality nearest the house and have it breakdown and become more natural as you get further away.

I love gateways. Maybe not as formal as this, but I'd like the feel that you are entering different rooms in different parts of the yard. The problem is, I don't know how much dividing up the yard will make it seem bigger (can't see it all at once, keep discovering new spaces) before it seems smaller (too many chopped up spaces). hmmm

And finally, here's my ultimate veggie garden. I'll never have one even close to this size (unless I find myself in a financial situation that allows me to quit my job and play in the dirt all day) but I love the fence, the gravel paths between raised beds and the chairs for sitting down and just smelling the tomatoes. yum!

sorry I don't have credits for the photos, it seems I picked some of the only photos I don't know where I found, oops.

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