Minggu, 04 Oktober 2009

Great and luxury kitchens


Great kitchen Ideas

This kitchen creates a stunning feature from its unusual ceiling.

The period style continues, with pale, distressed effect cabinets. The kitchen makes the most of beautiful features, like wooden shutters and a chandelier.

The color scheme is pale and neutral - to highlight the great features

.http://www.interior-design-it-yourself.com/images/gallery_kitchen_modern_darkwood.jpg  Check out this dramatic and sophisticated kitchen style. Rich, dark wood is contrasted against a pale floor and work surface.
It gives a striking, very modern, effect.

http://www.interior-design-it-yourself.com/images/gallery_kitchen_red.jpg   Glossy red kitchen cabinets give this kitchen a real boost in the interior design stakes. Notice how the overall effect is kept light and bright, by keeping to pale flooring and white walls. Accents of black give a touch of drama.
http://www.interior-design-it-yourself.com/images/gallery_kitchen_pine.jpg   One of the more traditional kitchen decorating ideas - using warm, honey pine.
This gives a really friendly and welcoming kitchen, with a touch of country style.
http://www.interior-design-it-yourself.com/images/gallery_kitchen_warm.jpg    Make the most of a kitchen with space, to create a kitchen-diner.
The lovely warm tones of the wood, cabinet and flooring, make this into the heart of your home.

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