Senin, 14 Februari 2011

Headboard Ideas

Here is my crude photoshop job showing what I am thinking for our bedroom. We've needed a head board for a while now, but I've been pretty indecisive on what would work best. I kept hoping I'd stumble across a cool vintage one but so far that hasn't happened. I think an upholstered one would be nice since you can lean against it when reading in bed without fear of having some turned brass spindle making an imprint into the back of your head. I had a hard time finding a fabric I liked- I didn't want a print that would lock me into a look that I may get tired of in a year. I found this woodgrain print which I thought was cute because it's neutral, but has some variation/texture so it's not boring. Plus I thought having a padded headboard that looks like wood was kind of fun.

Here's what it looks like now. I want to remove the shelves above the bed that I constantly bump my head on and reuse one of the pieces of wood to make a shelf up on top of the picture rail. Not for books that we read before bed- obviously that would be a tad inconvenient, but for books that just don't fit on our shelves downstairs. For books that we are actually reading, I want to get those Umbra hidden shelves to use as mini nightstands since we don't have space for real ones. I'm looking for some brass wall mounted reading lights-I found a perfect one at a yard sale, but it was just one, it had no mate. I'll keep searching. Maybe when the yard sales start up again in the spring, I'll find something.

So whaddaya think? Is the woodgrain print cute or cheesy? Any suggestions for (cheap) lamps?

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