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Kitchen colors

The colors in kitchen

Your new kitchen would look perfect in a different way, depending on the selection of colors and combinations between them.

Wood Kitchen and cabinets
wood kitchen

Cool, light and muted tones, with minimal influence contrast, can optically enlarging the space. Opposite effect is achieved with the use of warm, bright and dark contrasting colors and their combinations. If you decide you to the kitchen stands out with individualism and to impress both you and others, the traditional white you would not help much. Of course, this does not mean that color is categorically excluded from the palette of contemporary cuisine. The effect of pure "sanitary" white can be transformed through the addition of the original successful combinations with other colors or to develop a version of the contrast in textures.

Orange kitchen
Orange kitchen

Orange is quite intense and vivid color, which inevitably attracts attention and is very suitable for the accents and details, except that imported fresh and cheerful mood in the kitchen.

old yellow kitchen
Yellow kitchen

Yellow is the color with which the kitchen will be noticed quickly. Pale shades are better suited to achieve the "solar" atmosphere, while the rich yellow is best used for individual elements and accents, as his excessive intensity could influence aggressive on the eye.

purple kitchen
Purple modern kitchen

Purple is a hit among modern kitchens. Dark shades radiate nobility, but it is better to be used sparingly and not occupy too large areas, suitable as a focus, while the lighter and pale violet-purple shades are preferred for establishment of a fresh and lively environment.

red kitchen cabinets
red kitchen cabinets

Red Kitchen design
red design kitchen
Variations of red kitchens are also favorites today. Red conveys elegance and style and although it can achieve impressive effects should not be allowed to be the dominant color in the coup.

sky blue kitchen
Blue kitchen cabinets
Blue kitchen breathes freshness and cleanliness, relaxing and act relaxed. At its brightest shades of blue creates a sense of ease and vazdushnost in space. The darker blue venerable and security. They appeal to people with a strong personality.

lime green kitchen
Green kitchen
Green cuisine stirs up romance and tranquility, harmony with nature, dark green intuitively associate with visokopostavenost and prosperity.

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